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At any time you can send e via to sas at sas-e-web-design(.com)
with your questions about This WebSite!

you new to the Web? Sometimes designing your website is the easy part. Keeping
your site on the
Web running with no flaws can be a HaSSle! Well, SAS can help you. Do you
need help servicing your WebSiTe?
If you have a question Please contact sas at sas-e-web-design . com

with Yahoo Store, eBay, Amazon, and Web Hosting.
*Experienced with adobe, dreamweaver, front
page, basic php, animated images, java script, html.
*Your website will be listed on 1st page in
search engine(s) such as Google, MSN, AOL, Yahoo,
as well images will be listed.

for WebSite and/or Auction Listings Managing differs from the price for
Web Design and/or Images


* WebSite
Managing Monthly PriceList
: based on per day (ex- Nov.
has 30 days, Dec. has 31 days)
note- (you are responsible for customer service – ex. orders, shipping,
evia’s from your customers, not SAS).
items are managed, purchased and shipped from you (your company).
SAS will be responsible for:
Changing items and prices on your product page,
uploading new items to your gallery/product page –(you supply
the images or SAS can get images
for you
viewing your website daily for errors.
monthly COST for 28days: 480.00
monthly COST for 30days: 500.00
monthly COST for 31days: 510.00
First time customers Join for 3 months (pay in advance) and receive 1
month Free!


template Set up fee; $150.00;
Auction Listing fee; $20.00 a day (limited to 100 items)
managing your e-Store fee; $200.00 a month (limited to 700 items).
managing your e-Store fee; $700.00 a month (unlimited items).
consist of:
Managing auction listing Daily. You provide images, if you
need images let SAS know.
note- Auction items are purchased and shipped from you. Using
Auction Account and Transferring Money account (ex-PayPal)
the Winning
bidder will pay You, SAS will manage the Auction Listings daily
which include images,
text, adding and removing items.
You are responsible for end of Auctions,
shipping and fees,
auction listing fees, transferring money fees, customer service including
invoices for
your customers.


* WebSite
Design PriceList
left side nav-bar or top nav, 1 banner, 2 Buttons.
Basic: (3 catagory limit)
HOME PAGE, consist of:
Center of home page will be your product/text, etc.
From the home page you get 4 subcatagory pages.
(catagory2) about/information page:
(ex. your company page),
Policy Page: if you are a Business.
COST: 500.00
additional catagory COST: 75.00 incl. 2 pages
(ex- product
page, item page, etc.)
script added to page COST: 500.00 per script
(ex- rotating images in the same table,
image slide show, product gallery, flashing text, etc.)
cost includes unlimited use for the same script: Scripts available; Java
Script and PHP

.jpg or .gif
(no animation)
COST: (Varies)
BANNERS: 75.00
(approx. 760×60 and 468×60)
BUTTONS: 50.00 (approx. 120×90)
MICROBUTTONS: 25.00 (approx. 88X31)

animated images (.gif only -no flash)
COST: (varies)
BANNERS: 100.00
(760×60 and 468×60)
BUTTONS: 75.00 (120×90)
MICROBUTTONS: 50.00 (88X31)
additional costs: $10.00 per layer (animation).

>if you have your own image(s) for item(s) you have, there is
no additional cost(s). Unless, you need
images modified. For example; You have picture(s) of Tools and they
have a background view that you
do not want there. For an Additional charge, SAS can modify the image you
have by cutting out the background.

COST: $35.00 1st hour, $25.00 every
hour after.
modifying images, Unlimited images, Including SAS finding images
for you.